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Equipment and Services You Can Count On

With over 65 years in business, our fleet has grown ten-fold and so have our services. Whether you need a tow or are in need of professional diesel repair services, at Ray and Wally’s Towing Services, Inc., we’ve got the equipment and technicians to get the job done right.
Idle towing truck - Towing in Lynwood, IL

Our Services

  • Air Cushion Recovery
  • Diesel Truck Repair
  • Equipment Transportation
  • Flatbed Service
  • Light and Heavy Duty Towing
  • Lockout
  • Self Loader- four wheel drive versatile light duty recovery unit
  • Wheel Lift
  • 24 Hour Roadside Emergency Service
  • 60 Ton Rotator - This rotator recovery wrecker boasts the most versatile accident recovery capabilities of all the vehicles in our fleet
Operation of towing truck - Towing in Lynwood, IL

All Sizes of Trucks to Assist You Properly

Getting the Job Done Right Every Time Out

At Ray and Wally’s Towing Services, Inc. , we are prepared to handle any type of road-side emergency with our large, late model fleet of trucks and equipment. When you require expert towingservices, call a company that has everything required to get you on the road again. Call us today.

Our Fleet


One 19 ft. four wheel drive flat bed

This truck is able to tow vehicles and has special tie-down equipment for motorcycles. It is a four wheel drive unit and allows us to go off road to recover your vehicle more safely.

Two 21 ft. flatbed trucks

Used for hauling vehicles. They are also equipped with a 2nd car carrier which allows us to transport 2 vehicles at once.

One 22 Ft. flat bed

Heavy duty truck. Used for transporting larger vehicles and heavy duty equipment.

One medium duty

12,000 to 20,000 winch truck. It is a versatile truck that has the capability of getting into tight spots.

One 30 ton all-purpose truck

Primarily used for all of our local towing and most of our interstate towing needs.

One 40 ton wrecker

With a sliding hydraulic boom used for towing and lifting vehicles and equipment.

One 60 ton 4 axle heavy duty recovery wrecker

Used for 90% of our heavy duty recoveries.

One roadside assistance truck

It carries all of our tools, generator, starter unit, air compressor, anti-freeze and is equipped with some parts.

One Landoll trailer

With a hydraulic 53 Ft drop deck and sliding axles, mainly used for transporting equipment and vehicles.

Two skid steers

One with rubber tires and one with a track. We have many attachments including a bucket, forklift, sweeper and a 3,050 ft. winch and boom to go out in the field for recoveries.

One dump trailer

Used for hauling material.

One semi-tractor



For Towing and Diesel repair services please contact us at (708) 758-3500.
Proudly Serving Illinois and Indiana for over 65 years